What to wish for Christmas?

Peter Wesche December 23, 2013

In software licensing you rarely think of a free wish or what would make you feel like Christmas. The environment of IT and, in particular, of license models and rules is far from wonders, for the most part.

But think of a few drastic changes that are no wonders in other subject areas, like the car business:

  • Only pay maintenance for the software you use
  • Only start paying maintenance when you use the software productively
  • Let the vendor send a fresh vendor price list when a new license product is launched
  • Get advance notice from the vendor about policy/model changes, including hints what that means for you
  • Sell off unused licenses in a second-hand market
  • Shift the burden of proof for software compliance to the vendor
  • Let the vendor execute your product update to remove faults and return a tested live system as part of maintenance

It might take years to get there, but Christmas is a time when such wishes can be pronounced, for the least! Until this becomes factual, some of you might drop by License12 to get a first sight of what transparent licensing can look like.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Licensing Year!

Lizzy's Christmas Dreams

New Oracle Pricing for BI and core products, technology and eBusiness-Suite!

Peter Wesche October 14, 2012

By irregular pattern, Oracle tends to make price adjustments that you cannot easily disguise. We recommend to our clients to subscribe to the Oracle pricing website to keep track and get early warnings when a new version of a price list is released.

If you have particular questions, donot hesitate to contact us, as we are seeing similar issues across several customers. In case you like to validate your contracts, do as we do and check with License12 for current benchmark results.