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Peter Wesche August 1, 2012

The following papers were published by me as sole or co-author during my 8 year tenure with Gartner. Most of them are no longer accessible via Gartner but still contain valid advice and assessments. The selection represent samples for personal review. For productive use, I recommend you use the Gartner knowledge base www. to check out if they are still available via regular procurement under existing copyright.

New SAP Maintenance Option Offers Longer-Term Support at Higher Cost 2010

Eight Criteria for Evaluating Software License Metrics 2011

What every global CIO should know about German Works Council 2011

IT Procurement Advice on Negotiating Oracle’s Ordering Document 2011

Q&A How Can ERP Recurring Costs Be Contained 2008

Toolkit How to Choose the Right SAP Support Program 2010

SAP Support Offering Extends Solution Management Beyond SAP 2008

SAP Enterprise Support Becomes a Common Support Program 2008

German Perspective SAP Support Offering Extends Solution Management Beyond SAP 2008

Vendor Rating SAP 2009

Toolkit Manage Software Support Renewals 2011

Toolkit First 100Days as the Head of Procurement 2009

Five Steps to Licensing SAP Business Functionality 2008

New Benchmarking to Guide SAP Enterprise Support Fees 2009

BEA Customers Should Seek Contractual Protections before Acquisition by Oracle 2008

Leverage Service-Oriented Business Applications towards better Software Contracts 2008

IT Procurement Best Practice Leverage Services to Buy Products More Competitively 2008

Proof of SAP Maintenance Value Still Pending 2009

Reduce IT Spending on Software Shelfware Support Fees 2008

Guidelines for Responding to SAP’s Increased Maintenance Fees 2008

Trends on Better IT Asset Management 2008

Findings From the Gartner Survey on SAP Enterprise Support 2009

Vendor Rating SAP 2010

New SAP Maintenance Option Offers Longer-Term Support at Higher Cost 2010

Mitigate Risk and Optimize Value in SAP Enterprise Agreements 2009

Best Practices for Confirming Software Inventories in Software Asset Management 2009

German Perspective Guidelines for Responding to Increased Maintenance Fees 2008

Regional Compromise Is SAP’s Response to Customer Objections 2009

After the Software Audit Dealing With the Aftermath 2010

Use the Right Criteria to Evaluate Software License Metrics 2009

Navigating the SAP and SUGEN Enterprise Support Arrangements 2009

Midmarket Companies Were Addressed at Sapphire 2008 but where not the Central Audience

The Seven Golden Rules for Industrialized IU Services 2009

German Perspective 11 Options to Optimize IT Costs in 2009

What Oracle’s U.S. Price Increases Mean to Your Organization 2008

Oracle Lawsuit May Impact Rimini Street’s Delivery of Services 2010

Rimini Street Responds to Oracle Complaint and Files Countersuit 2010

Five Ways to Improve Investment Confidence and Returm on IT Asset 2009

Inquiries Indicate That Clients Should Be Prepared for an Audit 2009

How Flexible IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP Have Been 2009





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