Why You Need a Doctor?

Peter Wesche June 29, 2012

Software licensing has become more and more complicated over the years, especially with large software vendors. Did you know that almost 50% of global revenue with standard software is delivered by only 4 companies: IBM, Microsoft, Oralce and SAP. Let’s call them mega vendors, because the other half is distributed to many midsize companies where not a single one has more than 5% market share.
Software buyers are procurement professionals that often think:

The quotes I am getting, do they reflect a fair market price? Who is paying less and why? I am not even getting good information about the license product I am buying, so what is my entitlement? And the huge maintenance bill that is coming in every year, is that inevitable?

It is really causing pain, the doubts and feelings that something’s going wrong:

The whole IT department has to cut cost next year by 10%, but how can we achieve this in software expenses? And in particular, we got to have some innovations to cope with the markets, how can we fund that on top???

Doctor License wants to yield you an out. Based on more than two decades of exploring, building and selling software, we know what you can do. And what you can’t! And our support is self-funding, if we can tie our efforts to your success. Give it a try!

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