One-Stop-SAM the new enigma!

Peter Wesche February 13, 2013

Dreams are coming true, according to the latest press coverage on License12, the new portal for licensing agreements optimization. The idea, called one-stop-SAM, brings process automation to the nasty areas that used to create headaches: Software-Compliance.


According to the note, the process of license administration is automated by capturing all relevant details by scanning the vendor’s original contract and converting the data to a full-fledge database shaped for advanced analytics. As part of the services, License12 claims to forward the contract data with the correct identifiers (SWIDs) needed by the discovery. If the subsequent SAM tool can process workflow triggers, it can invoke a compliance check and indicate to IT management that the latest negotiations are targeting the right licensing levels. As this integration comes ‘almost’ real-time, intermediate changes are easy to capture. SAM tools equipped with features of licensing optimizations (SLOs) might even propose contextual optimization which can further be used to refine the targeted bill-of-material.

Hard to awake from such nice dreams. Check out, if they are real!

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